Samstag, 10. Februar 2007

My first week in school

Since the 6th of February I go to the nearby SMK Bukit Jelutong public school.

The school building are still in good conditions as the school was opened in 2003 like the whole township of Bukit Jelutong where I live. The principal and my teachers are very friendly and they offer me their help.

Because of an important examen in the end of the year for form 5, equal to class 10 in Germany, they add me to a form 4 class. My classmates are very friendly and I already found many friends. I sit in the back, in the middle of the Indian corner. The Indians are the most open people, I am happy to sit there. Anyway the others are very friendly to and try to start conversations with me all the time. Everybody on my school knows me. Those who are not too shy ask me questions, or say at least HI CRAIG.

I expected an even lower education level than I found it here. Although education level is relatively high the learning outcomes are small, because most of the lessons doesn't take place.

On thursday i met the soccer team for the first time in a training and I'll see them tomorrow in sunday morning again. They are skilled players, I can't emagine why Malaysia's national team hasn't any sucess.

Every morning my host mum drops me in front of the school and after school finished I walk home on me.

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