Freitag, 2. November 2007

Moral Values In School

Since last week we write our end-of-term-exams in school. Every day two to three papers of one subject have to be handed in. One type of paper only consists of objective questions with four given answers, whereas another form asks us to design an experiment.

Throughout the subjects I noticed again that the government tries to thump moral values into young Malaysians trough continuous repetetion. Even in the biology exam a question is about „noble scientific values in conducting an experiment“. In the morals paper the indoctrination is even more obvious as the answer for questions about ten different stories is always „responsibility“ or „respect“. Besides learning the moral values by heart we don’t discuss on anything else in the subject morals.

For sure it is a good idea to teach the people in behaving well, but this stuff is getting on my nerves. Instead of wasting the time for repetition of noble values we could better discuss about interesting topics.

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