Montag, 4. Juni 2007

Sibu Island, Mount Nuang, „Teacher’s Day“

Since my last English Post a lot of things have happened around me.

In late April I joined a trip of my host father’s colleagues to Sibu Island on Johore’s East coast. I boarded the bus with the MPAJ (City Council of Ampang Jaya) staff without my host family, as my host parents had to work the following day and my host siblings had to go to school.

The journey took around seven hours. I couldn’t use this time to sleep, because I sat in the rear of the bus, which is affected by any bump in the street and thus bounces all the time.

We arrived on the following morning at a ferry quay, from where a speed boat took us to Sibu Island. The island is not more than 5 km long and 1 km wide. Some ten resorts are located next to the numerous bays with their sandy beaches.

Unfortunately it was our resort, which was next to a dirty bay in which it was impossible to swim. Anyway we could enjoy a beach, when a boat sent us to a nearby abandoned resort. There we even ripped off some fresh young coconuts, opened them and drank their delicious water right away.

I was pleased, that the menus that we were served in our resort always included fresh seafood, because it tastes great here in M’sia. We occupied tiny wooden bungalows in front of a hill. The furniture and the bath corresponded to the low rent.

My host family arrived at 3 am on the next morning. It stands to reason that they were still sleeping, when our boat left for another island. It was definitely the most beautiful island I have ever seen. The island, less than 200 m in diameter, comprised two high hills with a little bay in between, a white sandy beach and it was surrounded by an amazing coral reef. I’ve never been snorkeling, so I was excited by the colorful underwater world and its corals and fishes of all shapes and colors. I spent along time observing this underwater scene and swam far off the coast.

I also climbed one the two hills and I had an breath-taking view over the mainland coast and the reams of islands.

Shortly before we left for lunch, my family finally reached the island and I used this chance to take the second boat to go back.

After having barbequed for dinner I went with a small group of us to a resort on the opposite coast of Sibu Island, which was linked to our hotel by a small track.

On the next day I walked around on the island on my own and I climbed a hill once more, before the boat left heading the mainland.

In mid May, on a weekend during my school exam weeks, I joined a school class and MPAJ staff to ascend Mount Nuang, Selangor’s highest mountain.

When we sallied forth just before sunset, we were heading a camp, where we would spend the night. There we set our tent and cooked our dinner. I war really surprised by the huge amounts of appliances and tools for cooking, that my friends had brought with them.

To bath in the mountain stream was a refreshing experience.

On the next morning we woke up early. I soon noticed that the group of students was too slow to reach the peak in the time we were given. That is why I decided to split off the group with some other speedy students to go ahead of the others.

The escalade of Mount Nuang was tough and due to descents from time to time one had to be very patient. We finally reached the peak, which was surrounded by the white of clouds. After a while the clouds dissolved and opened up a fantastic view. The descent hurt the legs, because I had to break all the time.

I always enjoy these trips and use them to improve my spoken Malay.

In the weeks that followed I had many exams to write at school. Sometimes I was confused, because the teachers can’t write English very well and all tests were corrected before we could start. Here and there questions or answers were canceled, introduced or changed.

Our so called “Teacher’s day” took place on a Friday after the exams had finished. The teachers were respected and they received many presents. The morning assembly differed a little from the usual way and after some ceremonies and speeches the shows of several student groups started.

With some friends I performed an Indian dance.

Some funny games were also organized and afterwards I went into the Prefect’s Room to get dressed for my catwalk. I had brought many clothes and accessories of many cultures with me. I wore a Tudung (scarf), sunglasses, a Chinese dragon shirt, a Teakwondoo belt with a Keris (traditional sword), a Sarung (male skirt) and traditional Malay wedding shoes.

When I went out of the room in my funny costume all the students in the court roared with laughter. I think everybody liked my costume. Then I handed over a present to one of the teachers.

The “Teacher’s Day” was an entertaining happening.

In May I also went on a boat tour with my host family to watch fireflies. It was great, the trees looked like Christmas trees.

Later I will tell you something about the weddings in late may/early june.

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