Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2007

Fairy Cave (English)

My host family took me and the other students to the Fairy Cave, one of two caves around Kuching, which have been made available for tourists.

The Cave is located some 30 Kilometers away from Kuching in a limestone massif. We climb an unsightly concrete tower to the entrance of the cave. Three climbers are hanging on the vertical wall of the mountain, tethered to their ropes.

Unlike many caves I’ve seen this one is not illuminated by any lamps. The first ascent into the huge cavern is dangerous, because of sharp stones. My left leg hurts because of a huge blood blister, which I suffered after playing badminton barefoot.

Inside the cavern we can walk around on the concrete walkways, but we also use the chance to advance into the dark part of the cave. Sunlight penetrates the foliage and enters the cave through a wide opening.

This cave is also an important religious place for Chinese. Some stalagmite formations are decorated and surrounded with tens of hundreds of joss sticks causing an intensive smell.

The trip to the fairy Cave was nice, but I wouldn’t go there again as this cave doesn’t boast anything interesting, like bats or special stone formations.

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