Freitag, 28. September 2007

My STE Host Family (English)

During my STE (Short Term Exchange), a compulsory part of the AFS programme, I am staying with my host family, comprising of my indian mother Linda, my chinese father Andee and my two year old brother David, for two weeks around 15 kms awak from Kuching. Our Flat is located inside the territory of a secondary school, where Andee works as a teacher. Linda teaches at a secondary school in Kuching town. In the morning our Indonesian Maid Tina takes care of David, who speaks English very well, is extremely active, clever and seldomly cries compared to most other kids of the same age. Linda comes from Klang, Selangor, while Andee is a true Sarawakian Chinese. He and his parents can speak Hokkien, a Chinese dialect.

All of us are open minded and very talkative, so that we quickly got along with each other very well. Also with Andee's parents we have a lot of fun. At their house I once plucked some coconuts and indulged the fresh flesh of the young fruits.

I really enjoyed talking with Andee about technical stuff like aircrafts and cars. He is a running encyclopedia. With Linda I had long and interesting conversations about social issues and other topics.

I am very thankful to my host family as they provided me with a lot of awesome activities. We had big fun in the aquatic centre, on the beach and enjoyed delicious food together on every evening. They helped Stefan's host parents, close friends who are staying in the same school, a lot to make this STE for all students a success and an unforgettable time full of experiences.

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