Mittwoch, 12. September 2007

Genting Highland / Batu Caves (English)

I spent last weekend in Genting Highland, the favourite mountain resort in Malaysia. It is especially famous for the only casino in whole Malaysia, a theme park and its cool temperatures throughout the year due to its high altitude at 1800 m.

Jeorge, a Spaniard, who is going to leave M’sia soon after his two-month-stay, invited me to this trip together with other AFSers (Stefan, Arne, Claire, Audrew). On Friday afternoon I was picked up in front of my house. The van was tightly packed with more than 12 people. In the dark we arrived at our appartment on a hill side, some hundred meters away from the summit and its huge hotels.

In the evening we discovered parts of the big shopping center, but soon headed back to our condominium. In the lobby I played table tennis with Stefan and other local tourists.

For breakfast on Saturday morning we had Maggi Instant Noodles, which is propably the most popolous food in Malaysia for occasions, when one doesn’t want to cook or is hindered from cooking.

We spend the day in the theme park, which is surrounded by five huge hotels and comprises of an indoor park as well as an openair park. The first everbuilt rollercoaster in Malaysia is also located there. The attractions included a freefall tower, rollercoasters and many others. Anyway they couldn’t meet European standards. I enjoyed myself with talking to my friends. Jeorge is a very nice guy, who loves to travel just like me. He has been on more than three exchange programms, which lasted for two or three month each.

The nature phenomenons fascinate me the most about Genting Highland. The landsacepe is breathtaking and within minutes the summit was embedded in a cloud causing the visibility to decrease to some 20 meters. I must admit, that I underestimated the weather theree. It was very cold all the time and I had only brought polo shirts with me.

On Sunday morning we stopped for a while in front of the Batu Caves. Batu Caves is a cave which houses a hinduist temple. I’ve been there during the festivities of Thaipusam. The afternoon we enjoyed in Jeorge’s house pool and watched a movie in the evening.

I am very thankful to Jeorge for providing me this trip. I had a lot of fun.

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