Mittwoch, 5. September 2007

Activities During The Week (English)

The result of my first b log poll concludes that most of the voters (two out of four) would like to know more about my every-day life, that is to say frequent activities during the week.

For me schooldays start at 0620 am sharp. I am always sleepy, which is why I have at least two cups of strong coffee every morning, after having showered. Besides the mentioned coffee my breakfast only consist of plain toast bread.

In school I always talk with my friends in the prefect room. This room boasts some extremely comfortable armchairs. Prefects are allowed to come late to class if they are on duty or have any meeting. Lessons are very boring, so I always bring along some books. I learn with my Malay text book, read tourist guides or the latest newspaper. I compile a word list with new Malay vocabulary and expressions. Of course I chatter a lot with my friends as half of the lessons don’t take place at all. Sometimes it takes me some time to change from one language into another. I speak to Malays in Malay and to Chinese Malaysians in Manglish (the Malaysian version of the English language), while I have to add a handful of commonly used words when I converse with Indian Malaysians.

After school I rush home and have my lunch. Afterwards there is some for my hobbies, like writing articles for this b log and for the Wikipedia or surfing the online news. My Sister Sophia sits on my laps until she is bored after some time.

On Monday I have my Tamil classes in which the teacher is rarely present. I must admit that I don’t really learn anything In the few lessons, because the teacher only speaks Tamil to the students and I can’t figure out the grammar or writing system which comprises some 280 letters.

Actually I have to attend the Silat classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but during weekends I’m always busy and thus can not be present on Saturdays. The Silat lessons are tough and I am always drenched in sweat just like the others.

If I don’t have any lessons in the afternoon I play with my siblings or give them something to entertain themselves. Usually I go jogging for around 30 minutes in the afternoon. From 1800 to 1850 I play soccer with my friends on the big field in all weather conditions.

Sometimes my father suddenly asks me if I want to follow to grandma’s house in Meru, a small village further west. I join in and we look after our supermarket and then stop in at the house of my father’s mother. There we are pampered with fresh seasonal fruits of all sorts. We also take some of them home. The grandmother seems to be in the pink. She prefers to speak in Bahasa Java to me, which is sometimes a big challenge to understand.

On Friday all three of the kids have piano or guitar classes in a high-tech music school in BJ. I accompany Sophia during her class for the small children aged 3 to 5 years. After dinner Yasmin and Danial have to learn how to read the Qur’an and afterwards I teach the two of them basic German.

Sometimes we all go to the night market next to the stadium and buy the daily needs of food, like vegetables, chicken, fish, etc..

Generally every weekend is different, but still there are some common activities. For instance we visit family members in Gombak, Cheras or other parts of the Klang Valley. Furthermore there are always some wedding happening and my father has voluntary based activities with his department of the city council of Ampang Jaya. Often there are some AFS meeting or I meet my AFS friends in one of the big shopping malls to hang out or watch a movie.

I hope this article meets your expectations on this topic. Please contact me for more details.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

i was a librarian during my high school years... & i always hang out in the library enjoying the air-conditioner when I find that lesson is boring... lol...

u learn silat & tamil in school ? cool... an extra language for u... XD my mom can speak tamil... but i find that tamil is very hard to learn...

find one day we hang out together again... mayb for movie... or mayb ice skating at Sunway Pyramid...