Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2008


Mein Rueckflug verlief voellig ohne Schwierigkeiten. Zwar haette ich noch viel mehr als meine insgesamt 33 Kg Gepaeck mitnehmen koennen, aber ich hatte alles Nutzlose im Haus gelassen, mit dem sicheren Gefuehl, bald wieder nach Malaysia zu kommen.

Der letzte Tag war auch richtig schoen. Feunde sind mit mir noch einmal ausgegangen, zum Abendesse habe ich Nasi Lemak gewuenscht. Ich habe die letzten Reste der uebriggebliebenen Durians gegessen und schliesslich kam sogar ein Freund aus Sepang zum Flughafen, um sich von mir zu verabschieden. Es waren sehr vieler AFSer anwesend, auch einige Schueler vom Sommer-Batch.

Bis Dubai waren Muesluem, Lars und ich im selben Flugzeug, aber in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten flog ich in einem Flieger der Fluggesellschaft Emirates einige Studen frueher, als meine Begleiter ab.

Vor der Zollkontrolle in Frankfurt bekam ich voruebergehend ein mulmiges Gefuehl. Falls der Beamte meine Koffer durchsuchen haette, wuerden rund fuenf Kilogramm malaysische Essenszutaten konfesziert werden. So kam es aber nicht. Alles lief glatt und alle Angestellten kamen mir freundlich vor. Mein erster Eindruck von Deutschland nach einem Jahr Abstinenz war, dass es hier super sauber und geornet aussieht. Auch mal schoen nach einem Jahr buntem Chaos oder?

Thank You Malaysia!

I have had the year of my life. Here I feel at home. Among locals I feel, talk and behave like a Malaysian. I am Malaysian!

When I boarded the airplane that would bring me to Malaysia I made it my aim to fully assimilate myself with the Malaysian society and to become a local citizen. After putting in big efforts throughout this exchange year I can say that I definitely achieved these goals and all things that are connected with them.

Of course I couldn’t achieve these aims on my own. The Malaysians helped me! They always chattered with me, gave me things to try and brought me all over the country. I caught ducks in a muddy pool and ate crackers made of cow’s skin. I temporarily controlled the traffic of Kuala Lumpur’s suburban commuter train network and watched a Formula 1 race. I plucked fresh coconuts and went snorkeling in gorgeous reefs.

I want to say Thank You to all people who entertained me somehow. This year was full of thrilling adventures and memorable experiences because of you.

But certainly, my special Thanks go to my family. We were and we are a family. We love each other and that’s how we treated each other. My siblings, Danial, Yasmin and Sophia slept in my arms and we played from sunrise to midnight, we went swimming and we explored the township together. We prepared presents together and all slept together in my room.

My Mummy and Daddy had always something new for us. We went on exciting trips to Indonesia, China and Philippines. They taught me things in all fields you can imagine. They explained me traditional customs, the religion and the culture in general. On the other hand I gave them insight into German and European culture. They cared about me when I was ill and I looked after my siblings when my parents were busy. Thank You for the fun we had, for the freedom you gave me, for all the activities.

I also want to emphasize that I really loved to visit our relatives and close friends, who provided me with additional activities.

I also want to thank my temporary host families in Sarawak (Short Term Exchange), Gombak (Chinese New Year) and Gedangsa (Deepavali).

Perhaps you are searching for negative aspects in this text, but you won’t find. There was NOT a single day, which I didn’t enjoy. I was going around Malaysia with a SMILE on my face and this best describes how I feel there.

By now I have left Malaysian territory but this is only a physical border. My heart will always be in Malaysia, my second home. I am not sad because I know, that I will come back soon and see you all again.

Thank You Malaysia!

Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2008

Crazy about Durian

Three month ago I wrote the following text for the yearbook of my exchange organization.

Inside the lush green of a fruit plantation we walk around searching for the tastiest fruit I know: The king of all fruits, the Durian. We, that are my “siblings” Danial (8), Yasmin (6), Sophia (4), my “parents” Sarodin and Aliza and some relatives and friends. Once again they’ve surprised me with an interesting weekend trip. After some month I covered with them almost entire Malaysia, which is full of fascinating secrets. Everywhere Malaysians like to talk with me, and that is probably, what I like most here. My parents are very sociable and curious which is why I feel very comfortable with them. We learn from each other about all kinds of topics. In that way we constantly learn about the culture of one another. And I am fluently in the Malay Language now.

My host father teaches me how to open the thorny shell of the durian-fruit and immediately the air is saturated with the intensive smell. Many people don’t like the smell and thus Durians aren’t allowed in hotels or trains. Anyway, I love the smell and the taste as well. With pleasure I gorge several lumps of the creamy, yellowish fruit flesh. Awesome!

Every day I look forward to the various foods in this multicultural country, that I am given at home or on the way. Of some of the Indian and Malay dishes I can’t get enough whereas I am not so fond in the Chinese cuisine.

But eating is only one part of my everyday life here in one of Shah Alam’s suburbs. I also find pleasure in other things such as going to school. It is very bustling and amusing there so that I quickly forget about the stressful examinations. I have so many friends, who like to chatter with me. In the afternoon I play soccer with them. I also participate in the co-curriculum activities, e.g. the traditional Malay martial arts Silat and the Indian language Tamil. In the afternoon I help my siblings with their homework and teach them some basic German. They can already converse and sing some songs in German.

On organized AFS trips I can exchange experiences with other students, but anyway the most important exchange is that with my Family, with whom I live together for one whole year. I am happy to live together with such a cordial and open minded family.

In my future life, I’ll always love to “balik kampung” (back to home). My “kampung” is Bukit Jelutong in Shah Alam. Saya Anak Malaysia (I’m Malay).

After the picnic we take home the remaining Durians. Unfortunately there are no Durian trees in Germany! Even thou: thanks to AFS and my parents for this marvelous experience.